Global Environmental Technology Company Limited (GETCO) had been entrusted with the responsibility to spearhead the Bang Sue Environmental and Conservation Center development project, which was initiated by the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA).

GETCO kick-started the project on July 16, 2014, considered the first and most significant step of business operations, particularly in penetrating the government sector with its competency and professionalism in wastewater treatment for Bangkok-based communities.

Located in the compound of Vachirabenjatas Park, also known as Rot Fai Park, on Kamphaeng Phet 2 Road on the opposite side of Bangkok’s Mo Chit Bus Terminal, Bang Sue Environmental and Conservation Center had been designed to be Thailand’s best education hub of environmental management and development consisting of the following highlights.

  • Environmental Library: Opening from Tuesday to Sunday, 09:00-17:00 hrs.
  • Simulated Wastewater Treatment Plant: Unveiling the simulation of daily operations of the Water Environment Control Plant of the eight locations in Bangkok.
  • Exhibition Room: Exhibiting knowledge-based projects and activities related to integrated environmental management.
  • Cascading Waterfall: Possessing the length of 100 meters highlighted by the use of clinically treated water.
  • Water Park: Displaying a variety of plants used for wastewater treatment and plants under the Royal Initiative.

Ground Floor: Unveiling the installation of the underground wastewater treatment system stretching in a spacious area of 4.74 Acre. Aiming to provide effective solutions to the problems of water pollution and wastewater in various communities, wastewater would be drained into the underground wastewater treatment system before being released to the Prem Prachakorn canal and the Chao Phraya River, respectively. The underground wastewater treatment system possessed the average wastewater treatment capacity of 120,000 m³/day and the maximum wastewater treatment capacity of 300,000 m³/day, covering the total service area of 20.7 square kilometers, including Bang Sue, Dusit, and Phayathai districts.

Additionally, the underground wastewater treatment system was operated by the advanced technology, also known as the “4-Pass Step Feed Biological Nitrogen Removal Activated Sludge Process”.


As a leading environmental expert, especially in wastewater treatment, Global Environmental Technology Company Limited (GETCO) had been certified for operating a business based on the required implementation standards, supported by excellent operations and management as well as a comprehensive range of technical specifications and designs.

The wastewater treatment project for Bangpoo Industrial Estate was effective from December 1, 1999. Since the beginning of the implementation, GETCO had been pursuing the industrial estate’s collaboration agreements fully and efficiently, as part of the goal to create greater confidence and trust for business entrepreneurs in the industrial estate.

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