Global Environmental Technology Company Limited (GETCO), formerly named Chemitreat BP Company Limited, was officially established on July, 21, 1999, with its initial registered capital of 20 million baht. We had been granted the 30-year concession agreement for the wastewater treatment project for Bangpoo Industrial Estate in Samut Prakan province, effective from December 1, 1999.

From the beginning of our project implementation, we have been pursuing the industrial estate’s collaboration agreements fully and efficiently. In addition, to foster our business integrity as well as secure confidence and trust in our financial structure, we have determined to increase our paid-up registered capital to support further development of the wastewater treatment systems.


GETCO Registered capital to 20 million baht.


GETCO increased the registered capital to 50 million baht


GETCO increased the registered capital to 100 million baht.


GETCO increased the registered capital to 125 million baht.


GETCO increased the registered capital to 160 million baht

After the consideration of the Board of Directors, GETCO was selected as one of the successful bidders of the project.

According to the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand, GETCO was qualified with the following qualifications.

  • Modern and standardized design technology.
  • Preparedness of financial budgets.
  • Readiness of highly skilled and experienced specialists.
  • Appropriateness of fee collection and service charges.

GETCO’s guidelines for wastewater treatment were noticeably consistent with the objectives of the wastewater treatment development project in Bangpoo Industrial Estate, which were also in line with the required standards approved by the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand.